この柔道体験教室は、日本の科学技術や日本文化を学ぶことを目的とした、Tokai Cool Japan Technology2015に参加した留学生を対象に開催しました。



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Chen Hung-Chun(台湾)
Judo is a sport. People prove yourself by it. By doing Judo, people can be more healthy and maybe more confident when someone win the competition. Judo also react Japanese spirot. It also a wonderful model for people. For example, be more polite, don't give up when you encounter difficult, or never not to forget your enemy and partner. Today is a good experience to take part in Judo class. From this activity, I understand the special custom, and Japanese ethnic spirit.

Generiere (マレーシア)
It was fun and I had learned a lot. But maybe the time allocated for us was too short and we have not enough time to learn as much as we can. I hope there will be more opportunity in the future to learn Judo. Thank you very much. It was really a great experience.

It's first time for me to training Judo. Although judo makes me tired,but still fun. This will be a valuable experience for me during Tokai Cool Japan 2015 here.

Hanif Hanafiah(マレーシア)
I think that Judo is one of the interesting martial arts in the world. Since I have experienced Judo, Im very exited to learn more about it. This is my first experience in Judo and I can said that it was very interesting. In Judo, there are many dicipline need to be follow. So it seems like very good for the perticipant to success in the Judo. Before this I'm just see the Judo martial art in the television but since I followed this program, I can learn about Judo. I think that if I have more time or maybe for the next trip, I'm interested to learn more about Judo. Thank you very much to the sensei because teach us some technique in Judo. I hope that Tookai daigaku will maintain the successfulness in Judo especially.


じゅうどうは楽しいです。That was great, now I know how to protect myself for every movement or every situation. ありがとうこさいます。thank you

Kanani Marcos(アメリカ)
It was a surprising experience. I don't usually enjoy martial arts, but Judo surprised me. The exercises were fun and exiting. However, the time of this event is a bit inconvenient. for the next Judo experience to be more enjoyable, after class would be a good time to schedule it. The teacher and his students were great!

Krusty Annenusis(マレーシア)
Make sure you're not missing one of life's masterpiece-learn Judo! Biggest‘Thank you &Arigatou Gezaimasu to sensei &fellow Judo Senpai! Judo experience in Tokai was AMAZING!!
P.S : would love to watch a real Judo match one day!

Safi Fakhri(マレーシア)
This was the first time that I had experienced Judo. It was extremely fun and invigorating, making me want to experience it even more. Sensei and his assistants were very nice people, teaching us defensive moves and safety features .The best part was seeing and experiencing first-hand how effective the Judo techniques were. I would love to do it again if given the chance.

It was so powerful , and wonderful. I think 'Ukemi' is very useful skill in real life. Thanks to your teaching, Sensei, Mr. Ueda, Ms Iwata. あと、岩田さんステキです。

Wai Pai Lee(マレーシア)
This is a very nice experience. Judo is a technical skill that can disable someone quickly. Also, ukemi help us to leave away from danger. It is an awesome technique. Besides that, sensei is very professional. Although time is not enough, I enjoy it very much. Thank you for giving me a chance to experience this amazing Judo. 本当に感謝いたします!

It's a so perfect experience in Japan. The most unforgettable thing is the spirit that coach had taught us-manners & respect. What's pity is that the time is too short for us to learn more about it. Thanks Mitsumoto先生‘for spending time teaching us ! お疲れ様でした。




This is my first time trying Judo, and it's very impressive. The skils which are used to avoid being hurt are very reasonable and interesting. One of my friends saved her own life in a car accident when she fell from her bicycle, she rolled on the ground and stood up without serious wound. I see the beauty of energy in Judo from Mitsumoto sensei and the two assistants. It's a very precious experience to try an art I've never tried and understood.ありがとうございます

This is my first time that I learned Judo. I think Judo is very interesting and enjoyable.
Thank you for teaching me how to fell down in the right way and Thank you for teaching me a new experience.